I am a support worker working in a team that supports clients who are sleeping rough. There are many occasions where we are able to help individuals to obtain accommodation and see the support through so that they can live independently. 

In June of 2022, I was assisting Luke*, a gentleman who had experienced a turn of events that left him with nowhere to live. Luke had been married with children and was due to move into a new home with his partner. Just before the move, the client was told that the relationship was broken, and that the wife would be filing for divorce. 

This left Luke with nowhere to go and nowhere safe to accommodate his children. We helped him over a course of a few weeks, to support Luke with benefits, food, and housing options. He was then offered a property that would give him back his independence and provide a safe and reliable home for his children. 

Because of the relationship breakdown and funding issues, Luke was unable to afford the rent deposit that was required to secure his new property. Without it he would have no choice, other than to lose the accommodation. 

That is when I made an application to the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF) on behalf of Luke, to ask for £500 that would secure his first month’s rent. Throughout the application process, I was supported by the VRF and all enquiries and queries were answered promptly and well explained, which helped with the prompt response. This was crucial, as Luke could lose this accommodation if we weren’t quick to secure the deposit. 

Luke was granted the money needed and the whole process was professional, direct and rapid in the face of uncertainty for the client. Because of the support from the VRF, Luke was able to move into his new home and begin a new chapter in his life. 

*Please note, images and names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy 

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