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For over 96 years, St Martin-in-the-Fields has given support to people who were in need of help. St Martin’s Charity builds on that legacy today by helping people experiencing homelessness across the UK. We know that with kindness, compassion and the right support, lives can always change for the better.

By leaving a gift in your Will to St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity, you can make sure that we continue to provide the best possible support – for years to come.

Will you leave a gift in your Will to St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity?

Your gift will be a gift for everyone. And it begins right here.

Leaving a gift in your Will

When it comes to writing your Will, it’s only natural that you’ll think of your loved ones first. We respect that.

But once they’re taken care of, including a gift of any size to St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity is a way to leave a gift for everyone who needs our support, always.

How to leave a gift

We’ve partnered with expert Will writers, Guardian Angel, to give you the chance to write your Will for FREE.

You can do this online, in-person or over the phone – in as little as 20 minutes. There’s no obligation to leave a gift to us when you do. But if you do think of us, your legacy will be gifting more people to secure and keep a safe place to live.

Simply click below to get started online today. Alternatively, please do get in touch – or call the free Wills hotline on 0800 773 4014

Lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm on Saturday

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Jason and Louise’s story

In 2021, Jason and Louise were suddenly forced out of their home – and found themselves with nowhere else to go, having to sleep in a car just to make it through the night. As both Jason and Louise lived with mobility issues, this made their situation even more precarious. 

When the council offered the couple temporary accommodation, it seemed like Jason and Louise’s luck was about to change. Unfortunately, the housing was dirty, noisy, and inaccessible due to the stairs. 

That’s when our charity – and our supporters – stepped up. With the help of local support they received at the time, they applied for a grant from St Martin’s Charity, covering their first month of rent in a new bungalow. Finally, the couple had a safe, comfortable place to call home – one that was suitable for all their needs. 

Read their full story below:

Jason and Louise

Jason and Louise

“If it hadn’t been for you, who knows where we would be now.” 

Types of gifts

A percentage of your estate

When you write your Will, you can choose to leave a percentage of your estate to charity, known as a residuary gift. It might seem small, but just 3% of your estate could make a huge difference.

A fixed sum or ‘cash’ gift

You can choose to give a specific amount, for example, £5,000, known as a pecuniary gift. Whatever sum you leave will help people to receive the best possible support, giving them the chance to secure and keep a safe place to live.

An item or treasure

Some people decide to leave a specific item of value, such as a piece of jewellery, furniture or even property. If you plan to do this, it’s best to check with us first, to make sure it’s a gift that can be accepted.

“I have supported St Martin-in-the Fields Charity for some years now…I'm always impressed by the difference the Charity is making to so many lives in communities around the country. We all want to be confident that any gift, and especially those left in Wills, however small, is put to the best possible use – and makes a difference to those who need it. I believe that St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity makes sure all gifts are used to the maximum benefit of those in need. That’s why I’ve remembered them in my Will – so I can continue to support the wonderful work they do, now and long into the future."

Rachel, who has left a gift in her Will to St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity
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