The Frontline Network, established in 2016, provides funds, community and resource for frontline workers across the UK.

The Frontline Network builds relationships, shares best practice, develop solutions, and communicates the experiences and views of frontline workers. The Network also provides funding to support individuals experiencing homelessness, as well as frontline worker professional development.  

During the Covid-19 emergency, The Frontline Network has been busy developing the way in which the charity could respond to the changing need at the Frontline. Being conscious that services have been impacted by staff capacity, the Network developed a survey to inform the strategy of the charity in responding to the new landscape. This survey, which was filled by over 1,000 Frontline Workers, continues to shape the support we are currently offering through our VRF-Emergency Fund. On top of this, the Network maintains regular contact with partners and the wider sector to coordinate responses. During this time, the Network has also set up a forum that offers Frontline Workers the opportunity to discuss challenges, share best practice and find useful resources. You can read more about the response of The Frontline Network to Covid-19 here.

For more information and to join the Network, please visit the Frontline Network website.

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