The Frontline Network, which was established in 2016, provides funding, community and resources for frontline workers who are supporting people experiencing homelessness across the UK. 

The Frontline Network builds relationships, shares best practice, develops solutions, and communicates the experiences and views of frontline workers. Frontline workers include staff working in the public, statutory and voluntary sectors in roles such as outreach, housing, social work, and probation. The Network works at both a national and a local level to support staff: 

  • At a national level, the Network offers funding, community and resources to support staff in their roles. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic the Frontline Network consulted with frontline staff across the UK to hear their insights into what was needed on the ground. This generated over 1,000 responses and ensured the Charity responded to the changing circumstances through its development of the VRF Emergency Fund.   
  • At a local level, a community of Partner organisations across the UK facilitate Local Networks. These bring together frontline staff in their areas on a regular basis to connect, share expertise and link to decision makers, to affect change. 

For more information and to join the Network, please visit the Frontline Network website. 

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