In the heart of the capital, you help to run The Connection at St-Martin’s.   

Homelessness is an extremely pronounced issue in London, and thousands of people end up on the city’s streets without a safe place to turn to. At its day centre and its accommodation for people who are rough sleeping, it connects each person with skilled staff who understand the complexity of their situation and who listen, then help.

Step by step, these workers provide tailored support that enables someone to begin to regain their health, a home and their independence. The Connection does this by placing people at the heart of their own recovery. One person may need short-term support to find a place to live and work. Another may need help with accessing benefits, hospital treatment or health support.

That’s why The Connection provides specially designed support in a way that respects an individual’s needs, wishes and ambitions. Because recovery is rarely linear, and any journey to a secure home will always be full of stops and starts. That’s why workers take their time and get to know the people they work with – building a strong and trusting relationship that helps someone to change their own life, in their own way.

You can find more information about the work of The Connection in their website.

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