Mrs Butterworth

Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth celebrated their Ruby wedding with a ceilidh and collected donations in lieu of gifts from friends. Read their story here.

“We thought: ‘let’s get our friends together, have fun, and raise some money to help people while we do it. Let’s put a bucket at the back of the room and see how much we gather’. And that’s what we did!”


During the Covid-19 outbreak, Paul has been printing PPE for NHS professionals and other Frontline Workers, and wanted to donate the excess money that he is given to cover the printing costs to St Martin’s Charity. Read his story here.

“I certainly feel that the need to support not only the people who are homeless, but those who face physiological and psychological addictions or other issues is paramount. The loss of control of one’s life, for whatever reason, can be equated almost to the denial of the right of life”


Janet has donated to our Emergency Appeal, in order to help us Keep Our Doors Open during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. She has a personal connection to St Martin’s that dates back to the 1960s. Read her story here.

“I had just returned from Germany where I was working for the British Consulate in Duesseldorf. I had bought a typical German leather green hat, the fashion in those days, and every time he saw me, he would say: here comes green hat! how are you today?”

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