During the Covid-19 outbreak, Paul has been printing PPE for NHS professionals and other Frontline Workers, and wanted to donate the excess money that he is given to cover the printing costs to St Martin’s Charity.

“During the Covid-19 outbreak, I found myself making PPE as an offshoot of my hobby printing with 3D printers. I made it primarily for care homes, but I have supplied Doctors, food banks and Post Office workers, all of whom indicated they are happy to make a donation for charitable causes. I don’t make a charge for these items, but I often receive contributions towards the material costs which are in excess of the manufacturing costs.  I manufacture about 40 face shields per day and the excess payment received is on average £1.00 per shield. I decided that the surplus income would be sent to the Emergency Appeal Keep Our Doors Open from St Martin-in-the-Fields.

I am a retired flying instructor and property surveyor who has always been interested in mechanical devices. I started 3D printing about 8 years ago, mainly with filament, but now have also extended into resin, making valves for CPAP ventilators. Years ago, when I first started work in the City, I stayed at the Tock H opposite the Tower. My duties as Tubby Clayton’s chauffeur took me to, amongst other places, St Martin-in-the-Fields. The work you have done over the years has been incredible. In 1974, after the financial crash, I very nearly had to ask for your help. Now, my wife and I live in very rural Somerset with a garden of over an acre. The 3D printing and CNC carving is a most marvellous excuse to get out of mowing the lawn! I make the face visors in my office with 4 machines, but I have outsourced the nose & mouth masks to a small factory in Devon as the lady there would have maybe otherwise run out of work. I found a particular fabric, which had been designed to protect the delicate parts of Airbus, and it incredibly ticks all the boxes. This has made a very successful washable and water repellent mask! I don’t ask for any payment but if the recipient wishes to contribute towards material costs it does mean that the pension is not stretched so much or, put it another way, I can have my bar of chocolate on a Friday! I supplied some to a food bank in Yeovil, The Lord’s Larder, and I understand they are very pleased with the product… but it’s the nurses who love them as they are very comfortable!

I certainly feel that the need to support not only the people who are homeless, but those who face physiological and psychological addictions or other issues is paramount. The loss of control of one’s life, for whatever reason, can be equated almost to the denial of the right of life”

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