Lisa was forced to flee her hometown due to domestic abuse. She initially stayed in temporary accommodation, but to ensure her safety from the physical, emotional and psychological abuse she had suffered, she then moved on to a refuge.

This is where the Vicar’s Relief Fund was able to help. WMWA applied to the Vicar’s Relief Fund for a grant to secure Lisa’s accommodation in refuge, which meant Lisa and her 12 week old baby were able to move into safety. 

Lisa’s time in extended refuge gave her the opportunity to engage in one-to-one support and in local mum and baby groups. Having her independence, Lisa was able to reconnect with her other children that she had not seen due to her previous relationship and the safety concerns around contact. 

Lisa also secured a permanent home for herself and her baby. Once she had moved on into her stable new home, Lisa was able to have contact with her other children on a regular basis. The support she received didn’t just offer a place to stay – it gave her the chance to build her own life in safety with her children.  

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