Hayley* was forced to flee her home due to domestic violence. Her abuser was putting her through physical, emotional and financial abuse, and so for the safety of herself and her 4 year old child, she had to leave.

Hayley* fled to West Mercia Women’s Aid, who were able to find her accommodation. But, the financial abuse meant she couldn’t fund it by herself. Her abuser had had control of her bank account during their relationship, and Hayley had no access to her finances.  

This is where the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF) was able to help. Support staff at WMWA applied to the VRF for a grant for one month’s rent, which secured Hayley’s accommodation. This grant enabled her to move to a safe address the week before Christmas, enabling her to spend the holidays safely with her child.  

Being away from her abuser also allowed Hayley time to change her banking details and update her benefits, so that she would now be in receipt of payments. In turn she was able to manage her own finances and arrange payments for her rent. This offered her the independence to support herself and her child. 

Hayley’s newfound freedom and safety continued to open doors for her. During her time in extended refuge, she was able to work toward building a better future by continuing her childcare course online. She also secured a part-time job and eventually moved on from her temporary refuge into a more permanent, stable home.  

A small grant from the VRF allowed Hayley to move into safety. This was the beginning of a new chapter in life for herself and her child.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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