I am a housing move-on worker and I work each day helping people who are living in temporary accommodation to find and access suitable, longer-term accommodation.

This is always a service which is highly in demand. To help me in my job housing people, I have used the funding from St Martin’s Charity to secure money to pay rent in advance. This allows the people I support to sign up for properties that they would not have otherwise been able to access. I have also used this funding from St Martin’s Charity to get proof of ID for clients who need this, and don’t have it, to apply for or sign lease agreements for properties. 

This funding has had an extraordinary impact on the lives of the people I work with. So many people have low incomes, no ID and simply cannot access permanent accommodation without some help. One young lady I worked with had lived in temporary accommodation for 5 years. This kind of accommodation is designed for people to be in for only 6 months. Without the help from St Martin’s Charity, she would have continued to be stuck. Receiving rent in advance meant she was able, at short notice, to take up a really lovely flat near her mum where she could really enjoy her independence and progress with her goals and ambitions in life. 

And there are many other success stories. Another person I was supporting, for example, was issued notice by her landlord as she was no longer eligible for her accommodation. We worked hard to secure her a flat in her desired location, but this would have been in jeopardy without help from St Martin’s Charity to obtain rent in advance. She was able to avoid eviction and make a positive move. 

My job role is all about moving people who are stuck in unsuitable, temporary accommodation into stable permanent homes. The people I work with are on low incomes, and it is very difficult to build up savings. When they are offered a flat, they are usually expected to sign for it within days, or else it is offered to someone else. I would guess that about half of my successful moves in the last year would have fallen through without the financial help we got from St Martin’s Charity. 

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