After suffering domestic abuse linked to her gender identity, Tash reached out to youth LGBTQ+ homelessness specialists, akt, in Manchester. They referred her to their Frontline Funded Trans Pathway project who helped her first into a refuge, and then later into a safe flat of her own.

Tash reached out to akt when she became homeless as a result of domestic abuse. Tash was placed on the Trans Pathway project, a specialised service set up to support young trans people in Manchester who have had housing issues directly related to their gender identity. At first akt assisted Tash with securing housing in a domestic violence refuge to escape the abuse she was enduring. A year later, with support from the Trans Pathway project, Tash was able to move into the safety of her own flat.

Tash received a Rainbow Starter Pack from akt, which provided financial support for furnishing her flat. She also received support from the project to change her name by deed poll, find a supportive GP to help her access gender affirming care, and get funds for equipment she needed to start college from akt’s Independent Living Fund.

Tash says that during her time on the Trans Pathway project, she has become more confident advocating for herself and what she needs. Tash also says she has been able to make friends with other young people on the Trans Pathway project.

“If you’re not sure where to go for your name change or how to access gender care, the Trans Pathway Project can help you find out what your next steps can be. They have a lot of knowledge.”

* Tash’s name has been changed to protect her identity, but her story is real.

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