Dermot has been volunteering for our Christmas Appeal shifts for many years.  When he has signed up for a shift, we know it is going to be fun and packed with good conversation! Read his story here.

“Besides, to be selfish, it gives me something worthwhile to do in retirement.  It is rewarding to find an envelope with a cheque for several thousand pounds and then, in another envelope, a one-pound coin cello taped to a piece of paper from an OAP.  And a further ‘besides’, it’s fun!”


Londy has been volunteering with us for five years. Plus, her relationship with us is very special for another reason: she married her husband at St Martin’s. Read her story here.


Bitenge, who works for the African Refugee Community, has been volunteering with us for many years. Moreover, and through his work, he has applied to our Vicar’s Relief Fund many times, on behalf of the people he supports. Read his story here.

“Many of the beneficiaries say thank you that the people at the Charity do not get to hear or see, but I am here to show you, and also to volunteer on their behalf…”


Lucy joined our team of volunteers 5 years ago, and particularly enjoys the “London-ness” of the experience. She has been involved in the Charity sector for a long time and brings valuable experience to the team. Read her story here.

“Envelopes come in from every corner of the British Isles, while we are surrounded by that special sparkling atmosphere of the West End at Christmas time”.


David had supported us for many years and decided to volunteer his time to help us with the last Christmas Appeal. He found not one, but two very generous gifts on that day. Read his story here.

“I must have been in the “lucky chair” as, amongst the many donations in front of me, I had the privilege of recording not one but two extremely generous donations of five thousand pounds each!”


Volunteering with us

Do you want to volunteer with us? Please do send us an email to

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