Londy has been volunteering with us for five years. Plus, her relationship with us is very special for another reason: she married her husband at St Martin’s. Read her story here.

“Sometimes you just want to help… so I looked for somewhere to volunteer and joined The Christmas Appeal at St Martin-in-the-Fields. This place didn’t just end but being any place, what I found is somewhere where you know your time, money or whatever it is that you are supporting with will really have an impact, a place with an incredible sense of purpose.

This is the same place where I ended up getting married. Neither myself nor my husband are British, and we didn’t have any links to a London church, so when he proposed we wondered where shall we tie the knot? St Martin-in-the-Fields received us with open arms, and we got married there in a very intimate ceremony.

It’s been 5 years since me and my husband started volunteering here. I hope this charity continues being there for so many in our society and doing the amazing work they do”

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