Thanks to the kind hearts and generosity of our donors, as a UK homeless charity we are able to support individuals, frontline workers and organisations to effectively address homelessness in the UK. 

We find local and national solutions, and we fund them. We follow evidence, discover innovation, and collaborate with the public, government and decision-makers so that everyone is able to take action on this humanitarian issue. 

And we always listen, act and work effectively — so that everyone in the UK can find and keep a place to live. 

It’s people like you that make all of this work possible – thank you.

We applaud the work of all homeless charities, both on a national and international level. However, if you want to support St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity, here are three reasons why your donations make a difference.



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1. You help change lives

1. You help change lives

Across the UK, you help us to provide financial support so that more people experiencing homelessness can find and keep a place to live. 

Our grants help them to secure accommodation, by covering costs such as an expensive rental deposit. And this funding can transform a person’s circumstances quickly, effectively and often in a matter of days.

Because of you…

…in 2021-2022, we supported 7,183 people to find or keep a home. 

People like Justin*, who was at risk of homelessness when the charity providing his supported housing was forced to close due to funding cuts. 

Having experienced homelessness before, Justin was deeply stressed by this impending risk, as he knew exactly how damaging that previous experience was for both his physical and mental health. Without a guarantor or money for a deposit, it was impossible to find a property to rent. 

Luckily, Justin’s support worker found him a flat, and applied for a grant on his behalf from the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF). This grant allowed Justin to pay the deposit for the flat, where he’s been living since. 

With help from the housing charity and his support worker, Justin has been able to get back on his feet, with support in navigating day-to-day struggles such as setting up a bank account and dealing with emotional difficulties. 

And with help from St Martin’s Charity and the VRF, Justin has also been able to find a home.

how to help people experiencing homelessness in the uk

Because of you…

…our UK homeless charity was able to spend a total of £1,820,134 on grants to individuals. These grants helped people across the four nations to find and keep their homes. 

People like Lara*, in Wales, who had to flee her home while pregnant to escape domestic violence. 

A grant from the VRF meant she was able to secure a flat for her and her baby boy to live in, once he had arrived. For Lara*, the VRF grant provided safety, and a new start.

Because of you…

…we can change lives. Join us and help to prevent many more people like Justin* and Lara* from experiencing homelessness. 

Your support helps us build a brighter future for people experiencing homelessness.

2. You help provide fast relief across the UK

2. You help provide fast relief across the UK

We’ve established a fast and effective process so that grants are given as quickly as possible, and this funding can transform a person’s circumstances quickly, effectively and often in a matter of days. 

A frontline worker applies to the VRF on behalf of someone who is experiencing homelessness or insecure housing and requires support, and the application is then assessed by a member of our VRF team. The frontline worker will receive a response within five working days. 

Our grants cover the whole of the UK, in all four nations, to allow us to work toward our vision of everyone in the UK finding and keeping a place to live. In 2021-2022, the North West of England received the highest percentage of our grants, 17%.

UK homeless charity - St Martin-in-the-Fields

Help support people experiencing or facing homelessness so they can find, and keep, a safe and secure place to live.

3. Your donations are used effectively.

3. Your donations are used effectively.

Donations from our generous supporters are used to help people experiencing homelessness cross the UK in various ways. 

You help us fund solutions. Your support allows us to invest in emerging solutions to homelessness in the UK and provide the funding they need to be tested properly. This transforms frontline workers’ creativity into lasting solutions for tackling homelessness. 

You enable us to work with UK homeless charity partners across the country. We respond to challenges by working with partners across the country, and by funding programmes which address known barriers to accommodation. 

We bring frontline workers together, allowing them to share and develop skills and knowledge – benefiting those they work with who are facing or experiencing homelessness. 

And, your support means we can provide fast relief to those who need it. Our Vicar’s Relief Fund grants mean that individuals can be supported into homes, or supported to keep their homes.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

help people experiencing homelessness in the UK

Change someone’s life today.

Change someone’s life today.

Your generosity helps us support people at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. Support our UK homeless charity and support people towards a more secure future.

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