We believe that listening to lived and frontline experiences of homelessness is crucial to addressing homelessness. So we gather insights from frontline staff across the UK who support people experiencing homelessness through our annual Frontline Worker Survey. This provides the most comprehensive overview of experiences on the frontline of the homelessness sector across all nations of the UK that is available to date. 

1,182 frontline workers from across the UK took part in our Frontline Worker Survey over November and December 2022.  

This report focuses on the experiences of staff working in frontline homelessness roles, including their working conditions, training and professional development, wellbeing and job retention.

A snapshot of the findings

A snapshot of the findings
  1. Frontline staff are working under extremely challenging conditions 

“[We] seem to be firefighting all the time due to poor funding, staff shortages and lack of affordable accommodation.” – Frontline worker, South East England 

  1. This is having a significant impact on staff wellbeing and threatens to force frontline workers to leave the sector

“Staff are leaving services they love in droves to survive.” – Frontline worker, Yorkshire and Humberside 

  1. We need to act now to support frontline staff responding to homelessness

“My only frustration with my current role is due to that I can see what could be possible if frontline workers had the time & resources made available to do all they would wish.” – Frontline worker, South West England 

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