Support worker comments

Vicky Allen – Shelter Thames Valley – ‘I think the fund is an excellent initiative, I have made two applications to the VRF both have been successful. in both cases the grants have prevented homelessness for vulnerable single parents living in temporary accommodation.  Without the grants, it is very likely that they would have been evicted from their homes. Both of our clients are extremely grateful for the assistance that was offered to them. Thanks!’.

Jill Cooke – George House Trust – ‘This is an amazing fund that helps people who have nowhere else to turn to. It can be reasonably simple to get a grant for white goods from other charities but virtually impossible to help people on the verge of eviction or who have been street homeless and have no way of raising a deposit. The quick turn-round time for decisions is fantastic as well. We are likely to make more applications as the winter months approach, and the benefit cuts start to hit hard’.

Taylor Caldwell – Hull and East Riding Citizens Advice Bureau –  ‘This charity helps people who need it and are suffering severe hardship and difficulties, and respect and appreciate the help I have had with my clients, amazing results’.

Emily Simpkin – Team Leader – Plymouth House and OPS –  ‘Quick and easy application, the staff our very responsive. The whole process is excellent. The grants are very significant to our clients, at a time where the local authority have had major budget cuts and cannot help our clients with financial support to for a positive move into independent living from supported housing’.