Your home is your castle. The place you retreat to. No matter how bad the day you’ve had, it’s there, familiar and permanent. However, for some people this is often far from true, and most have nowhere to go. At St Martin’s Charity, we are committed both to preventing homelessness and helping those experiencing it all over the UK. Please make a donation today.

Many experiencing homelessness, sadly, are young people who should be looking ahead with excitement to fulfilling lives and instead face uncertain futures. Not so much wondering which A levels to choose, or which university to apply to, but where to sleep, how to keep warm and will I be safe tonight?

The many causes of homelessness

For Hayley or Russel, homelessness can arise from a breakdown in relationships, Bereavement, domestic violence, or deterioration in mental or physical health can play a part and lead to rough sleeping. All these factors and the cost-of-living crisis contribute to Britain’s epidemic of homelessness. Young people are often hit hardest. For Hayley our Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF) was able to secure Hayley refuge accommodation. This grant enabled her to move to a safe address the week before Christmas. Russel was helped by Caring in Bristol, an organisation we fund in Bristol. They were able to help Russel find shelter and help him get his life back on track.

Your donation makes a real difference

Your donation makes a real difference

St Martin’s Charity is set up to ensure your donations go to where they are most needed, to help the thousands experiencing or under threat of homelessness. We operate a very tight ship, only a small permanent staff, ably supported by committed volunteers. There are so many others that we need to help. We can with your donation. Thank you.

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