Radio 4 presenters and personalities

Radio 4 presenters and personalities share their thoughts on why The Radio 4 Christmas Appeal matters to them.

Kathy Clugston

Kathy Clugston headshot

“If we’re lucky, Christmas is a time for friends and family; that’s why it feels especially vital to reach out to those in need at a cold and lonely time of year. I love answering the phones on Xmas Appeal Day – the people who call in are so caring and generous, it gives you faith in human nature.”

Julian Worricker


”I’ve been involved in the appeal for a number of years now; I think the cause is absolutely compelling and the response of Radio 4 listeners invariably inspirational.”

Matthew Bannister


“I live in Central London, not far from St Martin-in-the-Fields. Every day on my way to work I walk past people sleeping on the streets, huddled in shop doorways, looking depressed and hopeless. I too feel hopeless and don’t know what to do to help them. By supporting the Christmas appeal, I know that the money I give will be used to best effect to offer warmth, shelter, food and advice. ”

Ritula Shah


“I’m delighted to support the Radio 4 Christmas Appeal because making sure the homeless can share in the joy and good cheer most of us look forward to at this time of year, should be an essential part of our Christmas preparations.”

Harriet Gilbert


“I support the appeal because I know how easily I, or anyone, could slip through a crack and plummet to rock bottom. And if I were homeless, hungry, cold and lonely, I’d be especially grateful for company and help at Christmas time.”

Hugh Levinson


“I love hearing directly from the amazing variety of Radio 4 listeners who call in and am surprised anew every year by their generosity.”

Francine Stock


“Giving even a little to someone without a home is a real expression of the spirit of Christmas – safety, food and warmth.”