Lucy joined our team of volunteers 5 years ago, and particularly enjoys the “London-ness” of the experience. She has been involved in the Charity sector for a long time and brings valuable experience to the team.

“I first joined the Christmas volunteer team in 2015 and walked into a warm welcome!

I already knew of the wonderful work of St. Martins and, having moved back to my London “roots” a couple of years earlier, was attracted by the location and seasonal experience! As the work only occupies one month of the year it fits perfectly with other commitments. I love being part of such a friendly, lively, cheerful team. Staff are unfailingly patient!

There is a real sense of being part of something larger and the appeal carries the weight of its longevity. Visible evidence of those SMIF reaches out to is all around us on the local streets. Envelopes come in from every corner of the British Isles, while we are surrounded by that special sparkling atmosphere of the West End at Christmas time.

I’ve long been involved in charity volunteering – both on Trustee Boards and in bereavement support. I currently work with the Coroners’ Court Support Service – supporting those attending inquests practically and emotionally and also on the national telephone helpline”

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