David had supported us for many years and decided to volunteer his time to help us with the last Christmas Appeal. He found not one, but two very generous gifts on that day. Read his story here.

“I first became aware of the vital work that St Martin in the Fields does for the homeless when listening to the Radio 4 Christmas Appeal many years ago, hearing the story of a very talented and successful opera singer, who had sadly fallen on hard times and ended up homeless, before being rescued by St Martin’s.  This made me realise that this could happen to anybody, and support for those who find themselves in a similar position is essential.  Ever since I have been a supporter of the Friends of the Connection at St Martin’s, attending several meetings, hearing about the good work that is being done by the Charity and how positively clients are responding in so many different ways.  All of this I find very uplifting.

When the opportunity arose to help with the response to the 2019 Christmas Appeal I decided to volunteer, travelling up from my home in Sussex.  It was amazing, on entering the room, to see the huge piles of responses to the Appeal.  I could immediately see why volunteers were being called upon!  We set to work opening letters, recording donation details and sending acknowledgements.  I must have been in the “lucky chair” as, amongst the many donations in front of me, I had the privilege of recording not one but two extremely generous donations of five thousand pounds each!  This drew gasps and claps from the enthusiastic and friendly volunteers round the table and rounded off a very satisfying afternoon.”

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