The money you donate helps fund our rapid-response grant programme, the Vicar’s Relief Fund, and contributes to the grant we make to The Connection at St Martin’s, a day and night centre in Westminster.

How your money impacts people’s lives: The Vicar’s Relief Fund:

This year, the BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal raised an unprecedented amount: £4,000,000. This will ensure the Vicar’s Relief Fund will remain funded, to support people experiencing homelessness through small, quick grants that prevent eviction or help people access accommodation. The latest figures we have published can be found below, or you can read the full impact report.

How your money impacts people’s lives: The Connection at St Martin’s:

This year, we have used part of the money raised by you to give a grant of £1,000,000 to The Connection. With it, The Connection at St Martin’s helps thousands of people every year to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London. Here is some of the impact your donations have. Form more information, visit their website.

  • They are one of the UK’s busiest homeless centres, welcoming around 140 people through their doors every day.
  • Last year, they helped over 2,600 people access our wide range of services to recover from the trauma of homelessness and start or continue their journey towards housing, work and independence.
  • Over 750 people accessed employment support, training and volunteering opportunities with them.
  • Every night, up to 75 people can sleep safe and warm in their night centre. Last year, over 730 people stayed with them as part of their journey away from the streets.
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