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People who are in crisis or sleeping rough on the streets need our support all year round. If you feel you can make a regular gift, you could help someone get back on their feet each month.

Jason and Louise’s story

In 2021, Jason and Louise were suddenly forced out of their home – and found themselves with nowhere else to go, having to sleep in a car just to make it through the night. As both Jason and Louise lived with mobility issues, this made their situation even more precarious. 

When the council offered the couple temporary accommodation, it seemed like Jason and Louise’s luck was about to change. Unfortunately, the housing was dirty, noisy, and inaccessible due to the stairs. 

That’s when our charity – and our supporters – stepped up. With the help of local support they received at the time, they applied for a grant from St Martin’s Charity, covering their first month of rent in a new bungalow. Finally, the couple had a safe, comfortable place to call home – one that was suitable for all their needs.

Help people experiencing homelessness - Jason and Louise

Jason and Louise

Jason and Louise

“If it hadn’t been for you, who knows where we would be now.” 

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