A helping hand

Time and time again, homelessness can be prevented with a quick, uncomplicated grant that can cover a missed rental payment or a deposit. Often, it’s that easy, and donations like yours make it possible. Despite having a stable job, Lara found herself in a difficult situation when she had to flee an abusive marriage while she was pregnant. A grant was quickly approved, from our Vicar’s Relief Fund, to cover the deposit and first month’s rent on the place she now calls home.

“It’s very scary thinking about not having a place to be with my baby, so I just thought I really needed to find a place as soon as possible.”

Make a difference now.

We know that homelessness is a problem that can be overcome. Because, with the solutions donations like yours help to provide, together, we can support people through the difficult situations they find themselves in. Helping someone to find and keep a safe place to call home is the ultimate act of kindness.

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