Grants across the UK

Through the generosity of our supporters the Vicar’s Relief Fund provides essential grants at short notice, and often within 36 hours. When someone’s life has fallen apart, it can help them move into a new flat, cover rent arrears so they don’t get evicted, or provide basic furnishings.

VRF Grants Heat Map
VRF Grants Heat Map – click to enlarge

Here are four people whose lives changed because of you.


Wales: With your support, Lawrence received a grant of £90 when he was facing eviction. He paid off his rent arrears and moved forward with a clean slate.

VRF new house

Newcastle: Coleen struggled to make ends meet after losing her job. You helped her pay off her rent arrears with a grant of £166.


South Yorkshire: You helped Kev pay a deposit for his new home with a grant of £250, meaning he no longer has to sleep on a park bench.


Scotland: With £250, Brian was able to buy a new cooker for his flat, after moving out of temporary accommodation.


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