For anyone who has walked the streets of London, you will likely have witnessed the high levels of homelessness in England’s beloved capital.

You may have been asked for spare change by someone in a difficult and vulnerable situation.

And you may have simply walked right by, feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, thinking, “How can I truly make a difference?”

But homelessness is an issue that can be tackled in London with your help.

You can help support St-Martin-in-the-Fields Charity and our various partner organisations in London and give people experiencing or facing homelessness the opportunity to find, and keep, a safe place to live.

Before we get started

Before we get started

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Why support a homeless charity in London?

homelessness in london

The Homeless Monitor: England 2022 sheds light on a number of factors contributing to the high levels of homelessness in London.

Rising rents, the cost of living crisis, and a lack of affordable housing are major contributors across the UK – with the capital particularly feeling the impact.

The report states, “Only a fifth (22%) of local authorities responding to this year’s survey were satisfied that new affordable housing supply is sufficient to meet the needs of homeless households and other people in housing need in their area, and only 8% in London.”

And according to research by Shelter in December 2021, homelessness is most acute in London, with a staggering one in 53 people now homeless in the capital.

So what can you do to help?

What charities help people experiencing homelessness in London?

St Martin’s Charity partners with various homeless charities in London that provide people experiencing or facing homelessness with the support they need to find their feet again.

The Connection at St Martin’s

homeless charity in london

The Connection at St Martin’s is a charity that supports people sleeping rough in London.

It may be something as simple as a chat over coffee, or a hot meal and shower.

Then it’s about listening to people, building up trust and understanding, and together working out a path to a brighter future.

It could be advice on finding somewhere to live, opportunities to gain skills, grow their confidence, self-belief and chances of work.

For people experiencing extreme challenges in their lives, it can be very complicated understanding the best route to solving these issues.

That’s why The Connection gets to know everyone as an individual, so they can understand people’s unique needs.

It’s not always easy to find or accept help. So staff at The Connection stick with people and find ways to get them what they need.

That could be legal advice, medical treatment, mental health support or help with drug or alcohol issues.

They also provide opportunities to take part in a range of group activities such as music, art, creative writing or gardening – this helps people discover their unique skills, passions, hopes and dreams.

Ultimately, it’s about helping people to find their own way off the streets, towards a place to call home.

Our stories: Sean

help people experiencimng homelessness in London

Sean had a difficult start in life. Taken into care from a young age and moved from place to place, he never felt settled.

He turned to substance abuse to help forget the childhood trauma. Eventually, this led to addiction and he found himself on the streets.

After breaking his habit he eventually moved to Southampton and landed a job as a Mentor and Support Worker, and remained there for 10 years. However, the troubles of his childhood and missing his friends and family led to him relapsing.

He moved back to London and started sleeping rough in Westminster. It was here he met Paul Grieve, a Street Engagement Adviser at The Connection.

“Thankfully, I got help when I came into the eyes of Paul… He gave me a phone, he put credit on it every week or when it ran out, so I was able to keep in touch with him.”

When Coronavirus hit, Sean was vulnerable on the street and ended up critically ill in hospital. Paul managed to find him and arrange transport to safe accommodation, where Sean arrived barefoot in a hospital gown.

“The first thing I did when I got into the hotel from the hospital was have a shower and shave my beard off. The moment I shaved my beard off and cut my hair I became someone different.”

Sean used this as an opportunity to rebuild, and with the help of Paul he moved into a shared flat in London. Sean now has a stable home, close to his Mum, and the security to work through the challenges of his past

You can help support people experiencing or facing homelessness in London.


help people experiencing homelessness in London

Praxis run the Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network, which offers support to frontline workers who work with people experiencing homelessness in London.

Praxis advocate for a world where people aren’t defined by their immigration status, and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The Pan-London Migrant Frontline Network facilitates quarterly events, which provide a regular opportunity to bring together frontline workers in London to network, share expertise, and experience, and link to decision makers.

Praxis advocate for a world where people aren’t defined by their immigration status and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The Connection at St Martin’s works with people who are rough sleeping to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London. We’re right by their side as they recover from life on the streets and move towards a meaningful, fulfilling future away from homelessness.

The Vicar’s Relief Fund

help people experiencing homelessness in London

With the Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF), you help us provide emergency financial support so that more people can find – and keep – a safe place to live.

Because many financial barriers can prevent someone from securing accommodation and we regularly hear from people who can’t afford to pay costs such as an expensive, upfront rental deposit.

The VRF offers grants designed to help. They’re either given directly to individuals or through frontline workers who can apply on behalf of the people they’re supporting.

We’ve established a fast and effective process so that grants are given as quickly as possible, and this funding can transform a person’s circumstances quickly, effectively and often in a matter of days.

Your support helps us build a brighter future for people experiencing homelessness in London.

How you can help today

If you’d like to support any of our funds and partner charities above, you can make a homeless charity donation online, today.

Whether it be a one-off charity gift, or a monthly donation, you can help improve services for people experiencing or facing homelessness and change lives.

help people experiencing homelessness in London

Change lives.

Change lives.

Help people experiencing homelessness in London to find, and keep, a safe place to live.

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