Felicity Finch

Felicity Finch has been an enthusiastic supporter of the BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal for many years.

Felicity was brought up in the North East. She spent most of her childhood trying to be as good at climbing trees, throwing cricket balls and kicking footballs as her three brothers!
Her interest in drama grew out of a love of dance and the painful realisation at the age of 12 that despite her petite stature she didn’t have the perfect physique needed to become a ballerina.

She worked for a year backstage before spending three years training at the London Drama Centre. Since leaving, she’s played a wonderful cross-section of parts in theatre ranging from Jessica in the Merchant of Venice with the Old Vic Theatre Company, Kate in Bedroom Farce and Electra in The Dreams of Clytemnestra, to Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an abseiling wasp in Gulliver’s Travels!

She still clearly remembers her audition for The Archers back in 1987, suddenly being thrown into Ambridge life and meeting this guy called David who appeared to be convinced that the young lass who’d arrived for work experience on his father’s farm was bound to be worse than useless!

As well as being an actor Felicity also works as a radio reporter and presenter for BBC Radio 4. She’s made many features for Woman’s Hour as well as half hour documentaries. Her recording has taken her to Rwanda, Pakistan, Cambodia and Albania. More recently she’s been to Afghanistan to make programmes about the way radio soaps are being used in some countries to communicate vital information such as health issues to listeners.

Her documentary Will He Change His Socks, about a young man with Down’s syndrome, was nominated for a Sony award.

Felicity lives in South East London near the beautiful Laban Centre, where she regularly escapes from the stresses and strains of life into contemporary jazz classes or the Pilates studio.