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For 97 years, donations to the Christmas Appeal have been helping people take their next steps to a more secure future. Through the Vicar’s Relief Fund, you provide emergency financial support so that people in vulnerable situations can find – and keep – a safe place to live. In the heart of the capital, you help The Connection at St Martin’s provide specialist support to hundreds of vulnerable people as they recover from the experience of homelessness. And through our Frontline Network, you help provide resources for specialist workers and organisations across the UK, so people experiencing homelessness can have the best possible support.

All of this can make such a difference for someone working to move away from instability. Someone like Jo, who worked so hard to rebuild her life, and after many setbacks just needed a bit of support at the right time. Donations like yours funded a grant from our Vicar’s Relief Fund, so she could move into a house and continue taking her next steps.

“The financial help I had for securing the flat was down to the Vicar’s Relief Fund. It’s my home. I’m safe. The future is going to be good. My grandchildren, they’ll be proud of me.”  –  Jo

Thank you so much for standing with us and with people experiencing homelessness as we head into 2024. You are helping many more people take their next step home.

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Did you know you can also set up a regular gift, and support someone to get back on their feet every month. You can read more about it here

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