VRF Conditions of Grant

The use of the funds are restricted to what has been requested in the application form and cannot be used for any other purpose. Nor can the grant be transferred from one client to another.

As per Terms & Conditions of your application, you are required to provide documentary evidence to the VRF that the funds awarded have been used as stated above within 6 weeks of the date of this letter. If this is not possible, please contact a member of staff to discuss an extension.

Once the funds have been used you must then upload evidence of this to our system.

How to upload evidence to your account.


Acceptable Forms of Evidence:

Rent Arrears – A screen shot of the tenants rent account showing the payment being credited, or a written statement from the landlord advising that the payment has been received.

Deposit/Rent in Advance – A copy of the receipt provided when the payment has been made, or a copy of the Tenancy Agreement.

Bankruptcy/Debt Relief Order – The client will receive a receipt upon payment of the application fee.

Cookers/Fridge Freezers/ Beds & Bedding – We will only accept scanned copies of items purchased with funds from the VRF.

Please note that a signed statement form yourself or your client is not an acceptable form of evidence.