Thank you!

A message from Sam Wells

The 90th Christmas Appeal in 2016 raised a remarkable £2.85 million. That was because you and countless others provided the crucial link in a remarkable partnership between BBC Radio 4, the St Martin’s community, those who work with homeless people around the country, and homeless and vulnerable people themselves. In this newsletter you can read about how your gift has been put to work to help people all around the country.

While planning for the 2017 Christmas Appeal we have been reflecting on what is unique about the Appeal. Our work is on the front line. We don’t pretend it’s the whole answer to people’s problems – but we do believe it’s often the crucial intervention that enables them to begin to turn their life around. We’re forming a partnership of support workers and agencies around the UK who all believe that what’s crucial is the relationship between the vulnerable or homeless person and a support worker who can walk alongside them till their life begins to get better. We’re calling our 2017 Appeal On the Frontline because we want to highlight what’s unique about our work and where we believe it makes the most difference. Thank you for being such a key part of this vital partnership. We really appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely

Revd Dr Sam Wells