Sarah’s Story

Sarah struggled to cope both financially and emotionally in Australia after the death of her husband. Despite her own chronic health problems, she began travelling back home to England, after 40 years of living abroad, to care for her ailing sisters. She found it difficult to settle and make a life for herself.

“My sister was ill in sheltered accommodation. I stayed with her, but she passed away. And then my eldest sister passed away while I was here [too], so it wasn’t very good. I couldn’t travel to Australia any more, it was all too much.”

South Liverpool Homes secured her a small self-contained flat close to where she grew up and the VRF awarded her a grant to buy a bed, a small microwave and basic household goods. Sarah enjoys being part of a community again

and is able to look after herself in a safe, clean place of her own.

“[The VRF] bought me the bed so I didn’t have to sleep on the floor.  It feels really comfortable.  I use the microwave every day.  I do all my vegetables in it, do my porridge—so I’m really happy.  [And] I try and mix in, play darts and Bingo, which is good. I go once a week  to sit and chat with a lady – she’s 95.  I keep her company.  I think it helps if she’s got someone to talk to. The elderly visiting the elderly!”