Ron’s Story – update

You may remember Ron, a proud military man, from the 2014 Christmas Appeal. Thanks to the support of people like you, Ron’s life is back on track.

Ron left the army after serving for 22 years and worked as a driving instructor for 30 years. But he lost his job when his eyesight deteriorated, and found himself unemployed for the first time in over 50 years. He lost faith in life and became homeless.

He said: ‘I got tunnel vision, which is closing in because of my age. Consequently they took my instructor’s licence off me, which meant I couldn’t instruct. I couldn’t find a job and started hitting the bottle. I had it all going for me, and it all went down the drain.’

While working for the Big Issue, Ron met outreach manager Beki from The Connection. Beki found Ron accommodation and got him help with his finances. He is now learning how to use a computer and is thinking about a photography course.

‘Things are good. I’m happy. My flat has everything I need. It was nice to be part of the Christmas Appeal last year, because Beki and others at The Connection have helped me tremendously. They changed my life.’


Listen to Ron in conversation with Felicity Finch.  Felicity – who plays Ruth in The Archers – interviewed Ron to find out more about how he has been supported by The Connection at St Martins.