Jack’s Story

“I very much doubt Jack would have made the move to University if he had not been given the lifeline that enabled him to move away from his family situation.”

For most people, ‘home’ is a word we associate with security, comfort and happiness. Unfortunately this has never been the case for Jack, who’s domestic life was made unbearable by his step father. Frequently being thrown out of the house, Jack has experienced homelessness on numerous occasions at a young age, yet often this was the only way he could escape the physical and emotional abuse suffered at the hands of his step father. This abuse took its toll on Jack’s confidence and he soon fell into using cannabis as a means of escape.

Jack’s latest removal from the house was the final straw; determined to make his own way in life he started saving money to put towards a living space he could call his own. He was able to save enough for rent, but couldn’t afford the deposit he needed to secure the room.

The Vicar’s Relief Fund was able to secure Jack’s deposit, providing him with a means of escape from his step father and the grief he caused. Jack’s commitment to turning his life around has led him to consult with his GP about his drug use and increase his efforts at college. A testament to Jack’s effort is the fact that he has recently been offered a place at university, and he has expressed his gratitude to St-Martin-in-the-Fields and the Vicar’s Relief Fund for helping him gain the independence he desperately craves.

Update: We have recently heard from Jack’s support worker, who says he is settled and looks like a new man now the stress has gone from his life. He has given up smoking and is preparing to go to university in September, where we wish him all the best.