Ian’s Story

Ian became homeless after the breakdown of a relationship. He left his home and began sleeping rough on the streets, moving from place to place all around the country.

“It’s cold out there in the winter. Believe me it is… I’ve been absolutely wet and miserable, and crawled under bridges… But you’ve just got to get through it.”

Ian found occasional work as a carpet fitter, but rough sleeping affected his health and after a number of strokes, his trade became too physically demanding. After being homeless for three years, Ian returned to Lancaster, close to where he grew up. Lancaster and District Homeless Action service (LDHAS) helped Ian secure a flat, made possible with a grant for rent in advance from the Vicar’s Relief Fund:

“It’s totally relaxing. The burden of the last 3 years feels like it’s been lifted. It feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got something back which I’ve lost, a bit of a purpose. A purpose in life to go and do something. If I can get back fit again I wold love to go back to work. That’s the ultimate aim.”