David’s Story

Who did you turn to for help, the first time you had to furnish your own home?

Like most new places, the flat was empty when David moved in. His marriage had ended, and many months of sofa surfing had taken their toll on his mental health. Eventually he was offered a place in supported accommodation, and from there he moved into a home of his own – but he had only a few pieces of second hand furniture to fill it. He made himself a place to sleep by putting coats on the floor.

With help from Creative Support in Manchester, David applied for £200 from the Vicars Relief Fund. David said ‘I was able to get myself a bed, some bedding, a few extra bits I didn’t have ‘cos like I say I’d moved out the hostel so I didn’t have anything really, so it got me like pots and pans and plates and things like that which I didn’t have. And stuff for decorating which kind of helped. So yeah it was good… and I decided to paint it purple’.

Six months later and David has settled into his new flat.

‘It’s made a big impact on my life really because I can have my daughter again, she gets to stay over which I wasn’t able to have before….…so just being able to do my role as a father to my daughter is a big help’.
David is assisted by Creative Support who regularly apply for grants from the Vicar’s Relief Fund. In 2013 the fund has supported over 2600 people in every part of the UK.