After 50+ years in the UK, Ahmet’s dementia, diabetes and heart condition were all worsened by poor housing each time he was discharged from hospital. The Pathway Legal Advice Project confirmed his lawful status to remain, so he could be referred to a care home and break the cycle.

Born in Turkey, Ahmet has lived in the UK since 1969. He suffers from complex health problems including dementia, diabetes, multiple heart attacks and a stroke. Ahmet was stuck in a relentless pattern of being discharged to unsuitable and unsafe accommodation, which exacerbated his health issues and led to multiple hospital readmissions. Ahmet also had no evidence or confirmation of his immigration status, which meant he was not considered eligible for supported accommodation, where he could hope to recover properly and permanently. On one occasion, immigration officers even visited Ahmet in his hospital bed, declaring that he had no legal basis to remain in the UK. The turning point came for Ahmet when he was admitted to A&E once again, but this time in a Pathway Legal Advice Project participating hospital.

Thanks to funding from St Martin’s Charity, the Pathway Legal Advice Project experts were able to work with Ahmet to obtain the evidence he needed to support a ‘No Time Limit’ application. This would show he had settled, lawful status to remain in the UK. It transpired that Ahmet had made an immigration application back in 1970, but the file had been destroyed due to an administrative error. The Pathway Legal Advice Project‘s intervention was the lifeline that finally got Ahmet referred to a care home and eventually onto supported accommodation where he can be properly and compassionately cared for.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy. 

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