Stuart and Paul

Stuart, a client at The Connection at St Martin’s with Paul the Night Centre Manager at CSTM.

“You just come in, if you’re having a bad day, like you can out there… It’s just a bit of humour off of Paul… it just reminds you, you’re in a bad situation but you can still have a joke and he was good for that.”

For two and a half months, Stuart was sleeping rough after he lost his 12 year tenancy in supported housing. It was whilst he was on the streets that The Connection Outreach Team found him and signposted him to The Connection’s night centre on Adelaide Street.

Over the next few months, Stuart would sleep at the night centre where he could do his laundry and get a good night’s sleep, yet it was talking to staff that really helped him to take steps toward his recovery:
“It’s their empathy. If you’re homeless you’re isolated, you’re on your own. You’re cut off. I don’t have my family around to talk to. The only way I got back was by starting to talk to people. And that’s what I needed.”

Throughout his life, Stuart has struggled with addictions and surviving on the street is often a lonely experience with hours on your own, taking its toll on your self-esteem. Stuart said coming to the Night Centre was a relief and staff like Paul, the Night Centre Manager, could help him feel human again: