About the Vicar’s Relief Fund

The VRF is a crisis fund that is to be used as a last resort. We fund activities that assist someone in securing a stable tenancy. For example, where rent arrears have put someone at risk of becoming homeless, a grant from the VRF can remove the threat of eviction. Where someone who is in temporary accommodation or street homeless and needs help putting together a deposit, a VRF grant can make that happen. The VRF also makes grants for essential items such as beds, cookers and fridge freezers where this will help someone secure a new tenancy after a period of homelessness. In some instances we fund Debt Relief Orders/Bankruptcy, when associated with imminent eviction only.

The VRF supports vulnerable individuals across the UK. We recognise that such people are usually in urgent need. We support these individuals by providing crisis grants, usually within 1 to 3 days, on average of £200. Our hope is that the making of a small grant quickly, will have a positive impact and help alleviate distress or avert a crisis.

Our resources are finite and the demand is increasing all the time. We often have to decline applications even though the client fits the criteria.  This is essentially because we smooth grant allocations throughout the year using a daily allocation. On most days the new requests exceed the available funding. In assessing grants we prioritise urgent need for payment of arrears and bonds then payment of Debt Relief Orders. Applications for essential goods are most frequently declined.

To apply go to Making an Application.